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Open 2 Trade

Open 2 Trade

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Can analyze the data

Can analyze the data

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When you search

When you search

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Intresting Factors

I love it


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Mirza Anas

Hi Brother. I need little help. Please.i want to join fullscreen media. Please tell me. can i leave full screen after joining. and please tell me. what if my channel will not earn 100$. what they do.? they need 100$ every 12 months but if my channel will not earn 100$.?

Yolinda Baquero

Awesome! Thank you for putting this together!


When it comes to shallow attempts of 'representation', there's the reboot of She-Ra currently playing on Netflix! It's representation overload and it delivers characters of extreme blandness, with none of them being anything to strive towards being like, as they are pretty much the worst type of people.

i like it

Abdul Abdul

can I deploy that form over the internet and have people/ clients fill it and send to me while I collect the database


This freaking works!!!


Thank you..You explained very nicely...


it has no AUDI00000000000oooooooooooooooooooo watafak


Overclocker question What was the first thing you overclocked?

Clinton Pope

Preciate it

Daryl Campbell

I'm using is there any way to enable Rich pins on that platform

FanisX 7

Singapore 2008 was pure drama.. loved that futuristic atmosphere.. those were the days

Imacros King

I am using imacros these days and find it really useful in some cases.


Sir, i want to auto send some videos in whats App , canits possible ?

Paul Beoxn

"John, over a period of three decades, would be approached by people of all sorts because he could make megavolt beams of ions and electrons death rays..." clip from John Trumps Wiki page.

Kenneth Hernandez


Lars Breum Hansen

So once you have encountered "parler" in the many other tenses. When you encounter that sentence, how do you know if she "Speaks", "Spoke", "has spoken", "will speak" by only seeing that sentence. In my deck (learning spanish), I also define the tense to conjugate the word in.

Raju Maharnavar

Sir pls make video on surrender process of PF ESI registration of an Establishment..

Ed E

Looks like it's coming along pretty good!! thanks for sharing Paul....looking forward to the rest!!

Producciones Chispofoto

me funciono

Catiane Moraes28

Obrigada S2


Das hier verwendete Board direkt mit frischem BIOS inklusive gibt es hier: die Empfehlung des Hauses!Greetz Cracky


Can you automate logging in to a site that has Captcha or other bot-blocking checks? Or can you have the script access a browser and site that you have logged in to manually?

ailehon Snchez

Alguien la escucha 11/01/20?


Sir nice video

ramesh singhal

Sir Ms Word 2007 In Edit Shape Point Work Nhi Kar Raha Hai Please Give me salutation


Tu as parler franais :D (you speak French)

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