Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Tutorial - Part 1

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It is similar to Culerity

It is similar to Culerity

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WorkSoft Certify is an automation testing

WorkSoft Certify is an automation testing

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Error codes: bX-4xj2w2, bX-iwui0u, bX-kd9wlm,

Error codes: bX-4xj2w2, bX-iwui0u, bX-kd9wlm,

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Every time your editing get worse than previous. Mby better to stop making this?


OMG! Are you a god?! It fixed it so easily, thank you <3


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Como fazer isso no celular .deveria fazer um vdeo no encontrei nenhum


my birthday was on 24 april


Great video and thanks a lot for sharing, just a question, I followed all instructions but after few sec the chrome window closes automatically, do you have any tip to fix this problem? Chrome version is 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) (64-bit) Could be an issue cause by 64-bit version?Thanks in advance, Nico

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Thnk u so much sir, able to understand it very easily.

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thanks Stephen for the videos but what if i get zero pointer i did this for 3 addresses i have and i get zero pointers what should i do


Ik ga nog steeds stuk wanneer ik dit kijk

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Can anyone tell me what kind of collet chuck that is a 10:30?

mm lol

How play no lag??????????

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This is like the long way of saving a short cut to your desk top. The most advanced thing this could ever be able to do is post a message to your facebook wall every day using the same characters every time, enough grounds to get you possibly suspended. Besides logging in to sites, which this would actually be very good for doing, especially ones that do not save your information in a cookie, a more safer way perhaps to do this, I am not sure what its purpose really could be benefitial for.

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omg, andrew!

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this is great... ! Unfortunately, it doesn't work when my makros open new sheets :-/

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Aku udah sukreb kamu.. nanti aku boleh tanya tanya ya.. hehe

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That's Carlos Sainz

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And does it work on android 9.0 and up?

veta beta


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Foda pika puta merda q foda

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