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ICW sayangkan sikap

ICW sayangkan sikap

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awesome tutorials, really looking forward to seeing a lot more of yalls work you guys obviously work very hard to achieve this level of quality,

Tarah Agbokhana

I wish this was true. Applying fora database developer job with only SQL and Tableau will not even get you a phone call. Maybe as a data analyst and you still need knowledge of CRM platforms, Azure or AWS, etc. Thoughts?

Rich Maor

I'm pretty sure my 'body part's' aren't going to fit in the lens view with or without a 'strap on' lens... )


Does anyone else see these backgrounds and just let out a sigh and say man I wish I was there

Angela Chen

I sure would like to see make up on Asian face with lots freckles - that has been there all my life but now some are irregular and growing into patches.I otherwise look after my skin....thanks!

Analia Duran


Damien Jones

Ironically this stream was on my second screen while I was playing Star Citizen!Anyone out there want to join an Org? :)

Beyblade Kid


Wrickey Nelson

Thanks, enjoy this much

adam satria

Bikin judul jgn kek anak kbnyakan makan micin..

A. S. Tax Consultant


Max MacLoud

Best of the best


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